Illegal migrants threatening safety

The question of our national sovereignty has arisen regarding the porous nature of our southern border and the many Central and South Americans, and individuals from other nations, who come often in large groups, to cross into the United States without our review or acceptance of them.

The question of national sovereignty was challenged as to whether the 13 colonies would have a union governed by a constitution or simply be a confederation of individual states or of three or four small groups of states.

The primary issue was then, as it is now, safety — safety of the nation and its citizens.

As we know, in 1789 a constitution was adopted by all 13 individual states to form a single nation, for the safety and strength of our country.

With the number of illegal migrants already in our country, estimated to be 1,500,000 or more and with many more coming every day, our safety as individual citizens and as a nation is being jeopardized.

The U.S. legally admits a million or more individuals seeking to reside in our country every year, and some years many more than that. Why are many of our political leaders determined to keep the flow of illegal immigrants coming by keeping our southern border poorly defended?

As with the original constitution, the political leaders were concerned with our individual safety and the safety of our nation, yet that safety is now disregarded by many of our elected leaders.

Should we, as U.S. citizens, wait until the illegal migrants, many of whom are criminals and drug peddlers, cause us or our family personal harm before we rise in protest of the open southern border.

Isn’t it now time to take control of this situation and work to help our political leaders to make our southern border secure in order to preserve our safety and freedom?

William Kirsch

Roaring Spring


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