Hollidaysburg needs new parking garage

Hollidaysburg Borough Council has been reviewing parking permits given to residents of the borough.

The weight of this review has fallen on eight residents.

The committee of three council members propose restricting permit usage to 7 a.m. to 5 p. m. Monday to Friday.

On the weekends, the spaces would be opened to anyone. The committee would also revoke eight permits that had been granted to households that the committee now believes to be ineligible to hold permits. This is due to these homes having an off-street parking space.

In 2006, council revised the residential parking permit code. Section two, part three states:

“Any area already having a residential permit parking restriction in place at the time of adoption of this section shall continue with its status, provided at least 50 percent of the on-street legal spaces in the area are occupied during each hour of parking restriction. Said areas shall not be required to pay the application fee established in subsection (2)(A)(2)(a) of this section.”

The eight permits in question were issued 20 years ago. These permits were never challenged by the borough or any of their neighbors.

If there is a statute of limitations, they have long ago exceeded it. If not, council should grandfather their permits to them due to the section of parking permit code mentioned above.

In addition, the majority of the eight permits belong to elderly people.

Council members are currently looking to restrict parking permits to increase the number of parking spaces around the court house and the business area. Their concerns are reasonable.

However, a more reasonable solution would be to build a parking lot or parking garage.

Louis A. Mollica



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