Building the wall won’t stop crime

Not the Great Wall of China or the Berlin Wall, but President Donald Trump’s wall — the wall that will solve the illegal drug and crime problems in America.

China’s wall was 1,500 miles long, up to 40-feet high and 25-feet wide with soldiers on top. It did not keep invaders out.

The Berlin Wall had barbed wire on top and soldiers overlooking the wall. East Germans still went over and under the wall to freedom in West Germany.

Trump supporters blame Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats for not giving their imperial leader his wall.

Face reality: For two years Republicans had the votes in the House and Senate to give Trump his wall.

He wanted a 30-foot high, 20-foot wide wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. Republicans could have given Trump $100 billion to do this. They gave him zero.

In 2018, the Democrats were willing to give Trump $20 billion, Republicans said no. Put the blame where it belongs — on your own party.

In early February, two major drug busts occurred. One was at a legal checkpoint in Arizona where 254 pounds of fentanyl were seized. The other was off the coast of Miami, where 132 pounds of cocaine were seized.

Vast amounts of illegal drugs are not coming into America by people using backpacks crossing an unforgiving desert.

Over 60,000 containers come on ships into our ports. Only 3 percent are randomly checked. It is much easier to smuggle drugs, illegal aliens from China and anything else, including a nuclear weapon, into the U.S. on a ship.

Build the wall and crime will fall? The vast amount of crime, including violent crime in America, is committed by Americans who can trace their heritage back generations.

Where is the urgency to stop these people?

Dennis C. Shore



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