When will world see light on Trump?

Regarding the Jan. 19 opinion letter of Jim Moore, the only part of that letter that resembled truth was the last paragraph where he offered congratulations for giving Russia and our enemies what they wanted — chaos in America.

And chaos, thy name is Donald Trump.

Regardless of what other presidents may have done, there is only one president who stated that if you were rich and famous, you could do whatever you wanted to women, even grab them by their private parts and get away with it.

Only one president called Mexicans murderers and rapists and made fun of handicapped reporters.

Only one president wanted to ban Muslims from coming into the United States.

Only one president made the statement that John McCain was not a hero, that he (Trump) liked the ones that didn’t get captured.

Trump admires Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un, but insults an American prisoner of war. He considers known bigots Steve King and Rush Limbaugh to be his good friends.

He has over 4,000 lies to his credit.

This is the person that many Americans love — a bigot, a liar; an insulting walking/talking mass of hypocrisy who more than anything wants to be king of the world.

What will it take for his supporters to see the light instead of the darkness that surrounds him wherever he goes?

Elizabeth K. Shade