Trump not leading our ‘gateway to freedom’

Living through the 1920s and 1930s, we were occupied with hard times and not really aware of foreign affairs.

In Europe, dictators in Germany and Italy were taking control — Hitler with his stiff-armed salute and Mussolini with his protruding jaw salute.

Freedom of speech and government of the people was vaporized.

We took care of them in World War II at a heavy cost. A total of 84 young men in our outfit alone sacrificed their lives.

I speak for them.

Today, we are watching one man — our president — present a similar character attempting to blowhard his personal desires and disrupting our elected officials from taking care of the needs of this great nation of liberty for which so many sacrifices have been made.

Physical walls create a cage, not the gateway to freedom of our ancestors.

My lifelong term as a Republican is over. I can’t believe any right-minded politician can abort the principles of this nation by supporting this swaggering tyrant.

I’m no Julia Roberts, but I do get a feeling we’re sleeping with the enemy.

A 95-year-old vet still willing to fight for our heritage.

Lee E. Wertz Jr.