Swamp can’t drown potential politicians

The way the politicians are acting, that old promise we have all heard over the years — that your son or daughter could be the president of the United States — is not true today.

If they are not first a career politician and are a sure candidate as a swamp member by thinking along the same lines as the swamp members today, you can forget about any of our children becoming the president of this country.

The reason that the politicians won’t allow a person to be able to become president without doing what they are doing to the current president is because the person living across the street or across town or in your own home could be the next president.

That means that they haven’t been trained to be a member of the terrible swampers in Washington today.

The politicians are showing that anybody that doesn’t have the proper credentials will not make the grade, along with scaring off anyone who even thought of running for that great office.

The only people who will even think of running would have to be either a great swamp candidate or a person who can withstand being swallowed up in swamp quicksand and come out the other side doing a good job for the citizens of this great country.

By the way, I don’t belong to any party. I vote for the person who I think will do a good job.

In other words, I’m not a party puppet. I think for myself.

Donald Burk



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