‘Sun beginning to filter through swamp haze’

America is great because we can voice our opinions. We should not make up our own facts.

Letter writer David Thomas, on Dec. 18, offered his opinions as facts.

Thomas’ last bulletpoint said President Donald Trump is working on hiring a fourth chief of staff. Fact is, he will select his third chief of staff after Reince Priebus and Gen. John Kelly.

Thomas opines that the East Wing has “yes” men and women. Name a leader who chooses “no” men and women. Members of a successful team must share common goals.

I won’t go point-by-point over Thomas’ opinions, but we “35 percent” — where did that “fact” emerge? — Americans who stick with Trump is because of the “fact” that he has kept promises.

We were on a slippery slope. Now, sun is beginning to filter through swamp haze, even here in Pennsylvania.

Congratulations and good luck John Joyce. I will breathe easier knowing this “homegrown tomato” (his description of himself) will represent us.

He has healed and comforted many patients. Now he’ll help heal our country from opinion writers who are angry, misled and offer no optimism or solutions.

Maria Berletic