Statements about Benghazi incorrect

Regarding Martin Baronner’s letter to the editor published Jan. 8:

Is he lying or just “drinking the Kool-Aid?” He continues to follow the worn-out mantra of “It’s Bush’s fault,” and his statements about the failures in Benghazi are misinformed.

First, “There was no military support for Stevens’ arrival because of President Barack H. Obama’s boots on the ground policy (Benghazi Report page 264).

Ambassador Stevens made multiple requests for additional security in Libya, all of which were denied by the Department of State (DOS).

Additionally, the diplomatic status of the facility was questionable (Pages 305-306), and the security posture at the site was in violation of Diplomatic Security (DS) standards (pages 283-289).

All land at the feet of the Secretary of State. Leaders take credit for their successes but failure is not an orphan.

Second, the Marine Guard aka “the military” is not responsible for the security of any embassy. It is the responsibility of the host country (when it has diplomatic status) as well as the DS agents.

The Marine Guard is responsible for nothing but the security of classified information.

When you begin with a false premise, the rest of your argument falls on its face.

Joseph J. Ogershok Jr.


(Editor’s note: The writer taught operational medicine at the Diplomatic Security Training Center in Dunn Loring, Virginia, and Summit Point, West Virginia, from 2011-14.)


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