Maintaining streams has logical solution

I read with amusement the editorial of Jan. 7, “Stream cleaning needs defined responsibility,” in the Mirror.

The solution was to pass legislation.

I only heard one pundit about climate change blame it on construction. The rain­water will run off to the streams and rivers as it has done for the past 300 years, but now it has to deal with more volume due to the fact we have blacktopped and concreted one third of the east coast.

I might have a solution to the problem that will not involve legislation or cost the taxpayers any money.

Dig the streams deeper by removing all islands, dead trees, river stones and dirt.

Each township will be responsible for the streams in their area. River stones will be sold to landscape businesses, trees will be cut into billets and sold to the public for firewood, along with the topsoil, river sand will be sold to the concrete companies.

The only drawback as to why this can’t be done is the government agencies such as the DEP, EPA, Fish and Wildlife and any other organization that would protest because of an insect or water creature we might harm.

I have noticed over the years that the government’s solution to anything is if we throw enough money at it, the problem will go away.

John C. Miller



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