Letter provokes thought on how to help others

I was drawn to the Jan. 3 letter, “For disabled, winter brings problems” as for a number of years I was affiliated with the organization, known as “ODH” — Open Doors for the Handicapped.

I participated in their meetings for years, assisting with protocol issues. I was so disappointed when their president, John Edelblute, had to leave the area. Although he was wheelchair bound, he was such a dynamic leader.

Having worked with Edelblute so closely for a number of years, I think I know how he would approach the situation described by Laurie Musselman.

Personally, I think the city crews do one fine job for the miles of streets they maintain with the limited personnel and resources they have.

What I think Edelblute would have presented to the ODH group is “How else could this situation be addressed?”

I think the group’s first response would be something like, “I wonder if volunteers in the neighborhoods would be willing to take care of their related intersections as they do the fire hydrants?”

That would likely be followed by “Do you think the civic groups in the area, such as Scouts or Kiwanis or Shriners or all of them would step forward and take responsibility for certain intersections?

Then Edelblute would suggest, we (ODH) would solicit handicapped residents throughout the city to make their needs be known to the Blair Senior Services Center or some such organization.

Jan Mills, Sr.



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