Don’t underestimate Trump’s achievements

Let’s present some facts on a couple recent letters to the editor.

We’ll start with Martin Baronner’s Jan. 8 letter (“Obama set table for Trump success”) in which he mentioned Benghazi. The state department is responsible for security.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton turned down numerous responses and concerns for additional security — 569 to be exact, the Washington Post reported in 2012.

Since Eisenhower, only the Bushes — George H.W. Bush and his son, George W. Bush — had lower gross domestic product.

Unemployment was so low because people got discouraged and left the job market because of President Barack Obama’s brutal regulations and one of the highest business tax rates in the world.

By the way, Social Security disability claims skyrocketed under his administration, according to Forbes Magazine in 2015.

In September 2018, the U.S. for the first time since 1973 regained the No. 1 oil producing spot. Granted, a lot of this is due to fracking, but the regulations on fossil fuels were unbearable. Remember the Keystone pipeline?

As for Harley, it opened a new plant in India in 2014. Carrier announced in 2016 that it was moving to Mexico. I believe Obama was president then. By the way, President Donald Trump did jump in and save some of those jobs.

Now to Michael Scarton’s Jan. 7 letter (“Trump doesn’t stand for conservatism).”

According to the 2018 New York Post, each illegal immigrant during their lifetime, on average, costs the U.S. taxpayer $94,000. This does not count the cost of crime, courts, jobs for our poorer U.S. citizens and what states dole out for housing, education, etc.

The article said we could more than pay for the wall if we could stop a portion of this. We now have states, New Jersey for one, offering free college for them at taxpayer expense.

Now New York City wants to dole out free health care — all for votes with our money. As per the witch hunt to distract from the Clinton charade, of all these convictions and pleas so far — none — have been attributed to the Trump campaign.

I never thought it would happen, but they have a man, Trump, and they are looking for a crime to impeach him with. We finally have a pitbull in office that is standing up to the world for American values and power.

As per the rest of you, congratulations. Russia and our enemies got exactly what they wanted — chaos in America.

Jim Moore



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