Democrats driving dysfunction in DC

Could you imagine how powerful the USA could be if the Democrats would just work with President Donald Trump?

The Democrats have been upset since Hillary Clinton lost. I don’t have to ask why, the politicians’ paychecks have shrunk because there are no more payoffs from other countries since Trump was elected.

How did President Barack Obama go from not being able to pay his property taxes before becoming president to being a millionaire on a president’s salary?

Democrats, that’s how.

Some Republicans, too, don’t like having a stranger playing in their sandbox, and why are so many bailing out?

Well, they are afraid of what Trump is digging up on them. The dominos will start falling soon and just wait to see who is in the mix.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are scared, and this is why they want Trump impeached. I hope and pray this will never happen before they fall from grace. Have you noticed George Soros has not been in the spotlight lately? He sees what is coming.

Now, a newly elected Democratic female, Rashida Tlaib, told her son, in an expletive-laced, foul reference, that the goal is to get Trump impeached.

What a disgrace not only to women, but all of the politicians.

And Pelosi thinks this type of language is just fine in our Congress. Sad, very sad.

They should move on from the Mueller investigation. They have nothing. Stop wasting taxpayers’ money.

Investigate Hillary Clinton and the sale of our uranium to Russia. This is a real concern.

President Trump may not come across as politically correct, but then again, he is not a politician but a businessman.

I would rather have someone like him than an outright liar like we had with Obama/Clinton. Talking about Clinton, what happened to the “Clinton Foundation?”

Funny how it went away once she was no longer influential in Washington.

Ask yourself why the Democrats are filled with such hatred and what is the real reason why so many in Washington are bailing out?

Trump is where no politician ever thought he would be and now they are all scared.

The coverup in Washington is now over forever, and Trump is the one who can take all of them down.

I think this is hilarious. I can’t wait until President Trump writes his book.

Helen Brennan



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