As this rate, America facing a scary future

As we prepare for the future, what questions should we ask ourselves?

There are so many.

For example: Are you surprised at the percentage of Americans who have embraced the idea of having a single, all powerful leader?

This question should scare us because there are apparently a good number of Americans who want this. Are you one of them?

Can you actually call yourself an American if you feel that we need a strongman running our country?

If you wonder what America will look like if our current strongman gets his way and refuses to give up power, even after he is voted out of office, then look to Venezuela, look to Turkey, look to Saudi Arabia, look to Russia or look to the many violence ridden African nations following elections.

As Ted Koppel has suggested, our strongman will continue to run his government in exile once he is out of office.

We should be very afraid for what happens next. Unfortunately, too many will welcome the government in exile.

Our strongman will live on, and America will be in disarray.

I do fear the future almost more than the present.

Stephen LoRusso



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