Trump’s support hard to understand

We as Americans seem to find ourselves on a slippery slope in our democracy.

Not in my lifetime have I ever thought that we would elect and support a man so lacking the ability to tell the truth or who has a modicum of humility, cons followers with hate speech/tweets, cannot and will not take advice or read daily reports and finally, has never in his entire life had anyone tell him that he can’t act or speak like he does.

A few facts:

– He has denied doing business with Russia yet it has been proven that Michael Cohen had ongoing discussions with them about building a Trump property in Moscow and even offered a $50 million penthouse for Putin. That fell through only because he became president.

– Russia interacted with 14 people involved in Trump’s campaign including family members. He insists over and over that there was no collusion with Russia.

– He directed Cohen to pay off two women with in-kind campaign funds to have them sign non-disclosure agreements.

– He has still not allowed the American people to see his tax returns.

– Because of his tariffs on steel and aluminum, manufacturing is not returning to America. In fact, five auto companies have shut the doors on 15,000 employees just in time for the Christmas season.

– He blamed the wildfires in California on the state even though thousands of burned acreage are federal. He compares California’s climate with that of Finland that sits just below the Arctic Circle, saying that we should rake the forest floor clean. I don’t think he has ever been in any kind of woods.

– He insists there is no climate change.

– He pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

– He talks of pulling out of NATO.

– He allowed an American journalist to be killed and mutilated at the proven direction of Saudi Arabia’s prince even as the CIA’s report confirms it. He bragged during his campaign that he loved Saudi Arabia because they do a lot of business, and they buy a lot of “toys” from him.

– Did anyone else see Putin “High Five” the prince at the summit in Argentina?

– The east wing of the White House administration is a merry-go-round of “yes” men and women. As I write this (Monday, Dec. 10), he is working on hiring his fourth chief-of-staff in just two years.

I could go on and on, but what concerns me most is the 35 percent of Americans who stick with him and believe anything he says regardless of the fact that he has kept no promises to the average blue collar worker.

And Fox News reminds me of President Donald Trump’s personal propoganda machine. If you want a job at the White House, become a talking head/pundit on Fox.

David Thomas



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