Public schools are making a difference

America’s public school educators and school support professionals prepare our students to tackle the challenges of tomorrow and succeed.

They teach students to read great books and become math wizards.

They introduce children to the wonders of history and science.

They stay after school to help students get the extra help they need.

They challenge students to do things they never thought they could — write a poem, create an algorithm, play a Bach sonata.

The classroom is where students learn to think, solve problems and cooperate with each other.

These skills are critical in shaping the future of America.

During American Education Week, from Nov. 12-16, our public-school educators and support professionals are proud to invite parents and members of the community to see firsthand all the amazing things happening in our schools.

I want to thank everyone in this community for supporting your local public schools. Whether it’s thanking a teacher, reading to kindergartners or talking with high school students about your work, your support makes all the difference.

And together, we’re making great public schools for every child.

Dolores McCracken


Pennsylvania State

Education Association



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