We should discuss our disagreement

There is a deep divide in our nation, with many disagreeing with the current administration’s agenda. But is there true disagreement?

The vast majority of Americans want a good job, lower taxes, a safe America, global respect, respect for our military, veterans and nation, plus, there is agreement on many other objectives.

Every president believed their administration’s actions supported these same objectives. Then why all the national divisiveness when Americans want the same things?

Just ask a detractor if they believe in a safe America, strong job market, lower taxes, great economy, etc., and the majority would agree this is what they want, but they may not like the way that it was attained.

I look at it this way: There are many ways to get to downtown Altoona — via 17th Street bridge, 7th Street bridge, Chestnut Avenue, 13th Street, etc. All will get you to the objective, but some are shorter, more convenient, less stressful. But they all attain the objective.

It’s no different than what is happening in today’s politics.

Arguably, the dissenters’ answer is normally “Trump this, Trump that and just can’t stand him and his comments.” Ironically, though, they certainly enjoy the positive things that he implemented. To my knowledge, none have given their bonus crumbs back or told the IRS to keep the the money that the tax relief law has given them.

This duly elected president, like previous presidents, believes his agenda, which he was elected to implement, will enhance American lives.

That being said, all Americans need to be very concerned when prominent media and accepted political factions team up for no other reason, than to discredit, embrace impeachment, obstruct and disagree with anything that positively affects virtually all Americans.

That may be a broad statement, but I ask those who may disagree to name one presidency where an unprecedented number of news media executives, journalists, FBI and DOJ employees have been fired, demoted or quit before being fired for their politically motivated, perhaps illegal, actions against a sitting president.

The dissension has been intentionally created by these people who have lied, knowingly created or approved false narratives with the apparent unified objective to overthrow a president.

Sadly, Democrats and their liberal media have, at minimum, tacitly agreed with their methods and motives, and that should should concern all Americans.

Again, ask the question: What laws or regulations implemented were illegal, adversely affected Americans or did not support American families and then explain the disagreement.

Bill Teufel