Ottaway would help with checks, balances

Although I have voted most of my adult life in Blair County, I now live outside the state and vote elsewhere.

But I always consider Pennsylvania to be home and lend support to area office seekers who grab my attention.

That is why I’m writing in favor of Democrat Brent Ottaway for U.S. representative for the 13th Congressional District.

My primary reason for supporting his candidacy is a desire for more vigorous enforcement of the checks and balances provision in the U.S. Constitution.

With the Republican party holding leadership positions in all three divisions of the elective government (White House, Senate and House) there is little or no incentive for “checks and balances.”

All Democrats, Independents, Greens and concerned Republicans troubled about the wayward drift of the government should band together to elect counter balancing patriots like Brent Ottaway.

Captain James E. Wentz, USN (Ret)

McLean, Va.