‘If you believe in creation, say so’

In response to Pastor John Leatherman’s July 28 letter, I wish to applaud him and say how happy I am to have someone stand up and say that this theory of evolution can and should be denied.

I hope that more and more people will stand up and denounce this ridiculous theory, because it is just that — a theory. It’s completely unproven and should have never been accepted as truth.

This theory doesn’t deal with how things came to be. It is only a theory of how they continue to be.

Creation deals with how things came to be. No human being can take nothing and turn it into something. Only God, the supreme being, can do that.

Take seeds for instance. Can anyone make a seed, or any one of the millions of different species; animals, plants etc.?

Whether you’re a preacher, a teacher or just an average Joe; if you agree with Pastor Leatherman, you have a moral obligation to stand up and say so.

If you believe in creation, say so! If you believe it should be taught to our children; say so. Say it loud.

If we are silent, as we have been, nothing will change.

Donna Hamilton



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