Gun violence more threat than Muslims

Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump asserted on many occasions with statements like, “a complete and a total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States” to whip up the narrative that “Islam hates us.”

Since the beginning, he has been playing the religion card in the name of “national security.”

The travel ban has always been about anti-Muslim animosity, which has resulted in the division of our society and leading to an era where anti-Muslim hate crimes are at an all-time high.

Realizing that it was the constitution in general and the First Amendment in particular that stood in the way of implementing the Muslim ban, the current administration flipped the card and diverted attention of the nation toward banning individuals from seven Muslim majority countries.

But this effort, too, was in vain when the Department of Home­land security issued a report concluding that citizenship is an “unlikely indicator” of terrorism threat.

Determined to please Trump, his team looked deep into the financials to find an excuse as to why the U.S. shouldn’t be accepting refugees, and, lo and behold, the research revealed more unwelcome news for team Trump as the study regarding the negative impact of refugees revealed that refugees contribute $63 billion more to America than they take from the system.

In order to make a compelling case, the outcome of this study was not shared broadly, and only the cost linked with refugee resettlement was publicized — the usual team Trump tactic. Trump’s administration cut down on the number of refugees to about 21,000, far below the cap of 110,000 established by the Obama administration.

It has never been about national security, as data analysis clearly shows, as not even a single refugee has killed an American citizen over the last 45 years, and there are no “alternative facts” that suggest otherwise.

If Trump is truly concerned about national security, then why has he turned a blind eye toward gun violence?

Statistically speaking, as per www.gunviolencearchive.org, just during the years 2017-18, there have been 90,085 shootings and 500 mass shootings that took place in the U.S. resulting in the deaths of and injuries to 22,676 and 44,651, respectively.

If it really is about national security, then why is team Trump silent about this epidemic?

God bless America.

Rafia Waraich


(The writer is a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community).


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