Gov’t needs to focus more on FDA safety

Our government needs to get after the FDA to be a safe place when it comes to our drugs and foods.

Some of the generic and so-called “brand name” meds should not be on the market because of all the terrible side effects.

I hear about a lot of bad side effects because I live in an apartment building for the elderly, and some of my other family or friends have told me about bad side effects they’re having from drugs.

Also, when I see the news, I do not want to hear about any more recalls on food. Why have there been so many?

After eating breakfast cereal, I do not want to watch the news later and hear that what I just ate was contaminated or had parasites crawling in it.

Why are Kellogg’s cereals still on store shelves? Ritz Crackers, bad lettuce and Pepperidge Farms crackers were also found to be contaminated. This was on CBS This Morning.

We need to fight for the safety of our drugs and foods. The FDA is failing. Aren’t they inspecting these companies?

Connie Grenz