Elect those who will help protect you

As parents, our most precious asset is our children.

To think that I would lose a daughter to a tragedy is awful; to lose her to a criminal evil deed would be even worse.

Yet, to know that this could have been completely avoided would move me to unspeakable emotions.

Yet, this is the case with Mollie Tibbetts of Iowa. This family is in anguish over what should never have happened because it came at the hands of an illegal immigrant.

If you’re a Democrat and you support policies such as gun control and government oversight in our daily lives, how do you possibly justify putting the lives of people like Mollie Tibbetts in harm’s way for the sake of those who willfully violate our laws?

Look at your children and know John Joyce, Judy Ward, Jim Gregory and Lou Schmitt are watching out for them.

Wendy Geesey



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