Dem congresswoman setting bad example

A protest in front of Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ office in Los Angeles was held on July 19 to show support for the “Impeach 45” congresswoman.

These supporters stole an American flag from the back of a pickup truck, stomped on it and set it on fire while chanting “America was never great!” “Resist,” “Don’t Mess with our Queen Maxine,” “Trump Must Go,” etc.

These protestors are anti-American, and if they hate America so much, they should self-deport and go back to where they came from. They are not required to be in “our” America.

This protest was started over the “push back” from the “Impeach 45” congresswoman during her speech at a Capitol Hill rally with her hateful rhetoric to “push back” on members of Trump’s cabinet or supporters to tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.

She said these highly visible Trump enablers should face harassment at restaurants, gasoline stations, shopping places and even at their home. She called for action, saying if you see any of these supporters, get out and create a crowd, push back on them and tell them they are not welcome anymore, anywhere.

All the while, she said, “God is on our side!”

President Donald Trump is correct when he says “Low IQ Waters.”

Phyllis Hetrick



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