Theory of evolution can be denied

In a recent letter to the editor, it was claimed that the theory of evolution cannot be denied.

A big problem for evolution is that it has never been observed, which is quite devastating since observations are vital for science. No one has ever witnessed one kind of animal in the process of changing into a totally different kind.

Their answer for this is that evolution happens so slowly that no one can see it happening. Still, some sort of active transitioning should be visible today. But not only that, there should be an abundance of evidence for this change in the fossil record.

Darwin couldn’t find the transitions in his day but suggested that they would soon be found throughout the fossil record to vindicate his theory. Unfortunately, the missing link is still missing,

If evolution were true, there would be billions of fossilized, transitional intermediate forms of one kind of animal changing into another. Darwin’s “innumerable” transitions should have filled every rock layer.

Darwin openly admitted these transitions were not there and called this the “most obvious and serious objection” (“Origin of the Species”). Darwin’s answer to this problem was the “extreme imperfection of the geological record,” i.e., scientists had not dug into the dirt enough.

If they kept digging, he believed they would eventually find these missing links.

About 150 years have passed. There are about 100 million fossils in museums around the world. And there are fewer examples of evolutionary transitions than in Darwin’s day. And Darwin didn’t have any.

Evolution cannot correctly date the earth. In the early 1980s, a volcano erupted on Mount St. Helens. The lava dome expanded and finally cooled and solidified into rock in 1986 (starting the radiometric dating “clock”).

But when these rocks were dated early in the year of 2000, they were dated as high as 2.8 million years old. The theory of evolution certainly can be denied.

Pastor John Leatherman