Only creation explains abundance of species

I want to respond to a letter that argued the undeniable existence of evolution. My point is not to argue against the existence of evolution. An organism adapting to its environment over time makes some sense to me.

However, mutations typically do not result in a more complex and more sophisticated organism, which is the standard for change as defined by Darwin. Perhaps Darwin was too aggressive with his theory and mutations are the key element for a limited type of evolution.

According to Scripture, God created only one man and one woman while allowing the reproductive process to propagate the species. So how did humanity end up with so many diverse skin colors and facial features and physical characteristics? Evolution might be the reason for this outcome. Humanity’s outward physical appearance responded to the environmental elements. This makes some sense for me. So to this limited degree, I accept the existence of evolutionary processes.

I do reject the notion of evolution from one species to a more complex species. I know without doubt that evolution is not the source of life. Creation is the only process that could have resulted in the bounty of animals and plant life on this Earth that exists in a perfect balance.

Unlike evolution, the creation process has been demonstrated and is documented in the Bible. There are four eyewitness accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) where Jesus fed thousands of people when there was only enough food for a dozen. Where do you think the fish and bread came from? Out of thin air? Yes. Jesus (God who had taken on the form of man) created food out of thin air in sufficient quantities to turn a meal for 12 into a feast for thousands. What other explanation is there?

The creation of matter (something) from nothing is a challenge for the human mind to grasp. This is why He is a Lord worthy of our love, thanks and worship.

David Lutz



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