Left too often relies on using scare tactics

Well, here we go again.

President Donald Trump has been afforded the opportunity of another Supreme Court pick, and the left is apoplectic.

All the minions have been summoned and have obediently reported. First order of business, develop false and/or misleading talking points and regurgitate them repeatedly.

Take Juan Williams for example, a dyed-in-the wool partisan leftist parrot, incapable of independent thought, but blessed as a FOX News pundit, and maybe even a nice guy.

Recently he proposed that, given Trump’s extraordinary opportunity, Roe v. Wade (and abortion itself) is now in mortal peril. I hope so, but that is the subject of another argument.

This represents the left’s first tactic, scare women into believing that reproductive rights are doomed. Then, he proposes two reasons why, even with a rightward shift of the court, Roe should stand.

Both of these reasons fail miserably. They also display a profound level of ignorance.

Williams’ first argument is that the majority of Americans support Roe and a woman’s right to brutally end a pregnancy. Maybe so, but then again, I remember the poll that gave Hillary Clinton a 96 percent chance at well, you know.

I submit that if we had civics education anymore, a seventh-grader could explain that a representative republic, the majority doesn’t and shouldn’t absolutely rule. Case in point: Maybe 51 percent of the folk in Mississippi once thought that blacks-only water fountains were moral. Thank the founding fathers for something called judicial review.

Williams’ second rudimentary attempt is the argument that Roe is “settled law.” Or as he quips, “State Decisis.” This idea is one of precedent that legal concept that provides stability and predictability in the law by the court adhering to previous opinion.

A good idea, mostly. Williams’ argument is that Roe is sacred because it’s 45 years old. This flunks the test too, however. I would ask Williams if he believed it was a travesty of justice when the court in Brown v. Board of Education struck down Plessy v. Ferguson, the case which legalized racial segregations of 58 years. Hey, Juan?

As usual, the left fails. Williams really needs to come up with some better talking points because, so far, his are nonsense. And those that believe them have even bigger problems.

Samuel Heaster



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