Snatching children from parents must end

What is going on now with U.S. immigration at the borders or within this country is an affront to Christian and to all religious beliefs and to moral decency.

For anyone who cannot imagine what it is like for the parents and children, go to YouTube, type in “The Choice from Sophie’s Choice” and watch the clip to its end.

Listen to the two-year-old screaming for her mother. Then multiply that by 10,000. The crying in the children’s detention centers at night must be so awful.

My heart goes out to these children, because at the age of 8, my mother became very ill, and my father had to work, so for that summer of 1958, my sister (10) and I were sent to our aunt across the state for three months.

I cried every night.

And my aunt and uncle were loving, wonderful people. My sister slept next to me, but it didn’t matter. I cried for my parents.

I can only imagine the agony of these parents and children, some of whom, like Sophie in Sophie’s Choice, will never see each other again and never know what happened to each other.

Is this who we are now? The Nazis did this in World War II, when my father, father-in-law and uncles fought to rid the world of Nazis and did not think them to be “fine people.”

Did all of the men who sacrificed their lives in that war die in vain? Please call your congressman and senators and tell them that this is not who we are as Americans.

Frances Hugg



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