Haight best pick for state committee

I am writing in support of Patricia Haight running for Pennsylvania State Committee as Election Day draws near.

I wish to get people to take a closer look at Haight to see why she is the best choice for state committee.

Haight is a retired Realtor and construction executive. She ministers at the Blair County Prison and is a long-time committee member of the Blair County GOP and active volunteer for President Trump.

Her interest is to have a “no vote” against endorsing candidates prior to the primary and believes local Republicans should pick their candidates — not the committee.

She disapproves of candidates running after endorsement quote, calling them “bad Republicans” to her “true Patriots.”

Her honesty, integrity and above mentioned reasons are why I am supporting Patricia Haight and why you should do the same.

I hope you join me in backing her.

Brenda Clapper



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