Writer needs to accept that Trump is president

After reading, or trying to read John Hunter Orr’s rambling diatribe in the March 23 edition of the Mirror, I feel the strong need to reply.

The content of this opinion seems to be once again rehashing a bit of fake news taken out of context concerning President Donald Trump.

Referring to the president as mentally unstable appears to be his final goal. This non-issue was straightened out before the election where Orr’s choice for president was defeated — again.

Orr seems fixated on the idea that he can influence the presidency with negative comments and childish name calling.

Orr is also the person who petitioned Altoona City Council to deny an Altoona citizen, former Marine and Altoona police officer’s attempt to beautify a city property by removing a dying tree and replacing it with a flagpole, flag and park bench, at no cost to the city.

Never mind that Orr lives no where near the parcel that Dan Stuckey wanted to improve.

It is time for left leaning people like John Hunter Orr to accept the fact that Donald Trump is the president of the United States.

He is not a politician. He is not beholden to anyone except those citizens who elected him and, yes, that includes John Hunter Orr and those who refuse to give a man who has held office less than three months a chance.

Frank J. Kauffman



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