‘We need to leave our egos at the door’

Democrat or Republican we, as Americans, need to stand united.

We need to stop bickering amongst ourselves. We need to hold the elected officials, regardless of party denomination, responsible for the welfare of the residents of the United States.

Division is what politicians want and have come to expect from us. Lack of cohesion relinquishes our power to politicians who then benefit by doing whatever they please.

More importantly, divided, we spend our energy arguing with one another instead of uniting to create solutions for the pressing issues at hand: affordable healthcare, education, equality and international cooperation and understanding.

Whilst we argue, we are hopelessly alienating ourselves from one another and the power we are capable of harnessing to promote positive change.

We are, unfortunately, giving the power of the American people to those politicians (from both parties) who act without our best interests at heart.

We need to build each other up in order to create meaningful and productive relationships. To do this, we must start at the most basic level: the community in which we live.

Instead of playing on our own insecurities, and downright insulting one another, we need to join together as a community and as a country.

We need to leave our egos at the door and realize that being American means embracing differences, inviting foreigners to live among us, and ensuring liberty and justice. As cliche as it is: united we stand, divided we fall.

Megan Russler

International Education Advisor-Study Abroad

Juniata College


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