Unions seem to be Eich’s ‘boogeyman’

Sen. John H. Eichelberger Jr. is at it again, folks.

As told in the Mirror recently, he is on a crusade to stop all union representation on school district time. This is a man bound and determined to solve every problem that doesn’t exist.

Anyone who has ever belonged to a union knows the job of a union steward is a quite demanding, yet vital role. A steward solves day-to-day problems before they become larger ones that erode the good faith and trust of both members and management.

Any and all of this time is negotiated, usually years in advance, as part of collective bargaining agreements. Most of this time is in turn reimbursed by said union to the company/employer at a later date.

This is how a union shop operates. As a fourth-generation union member, I would be happy to explain to Eichelberger why unions are a vital part of our society for both members and non-members alike.

However, I have an inclination to believe he’s already made his mind up, and unions are his “boogeyman.”

Maybe the Mirror will take a public poll to choose which imaginary problem our crusading senator will solve next.

Zachary Winkler



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