Polito will implement full veterans court

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Pennsylvania has one of the highest populations of Veterans in the United States (ranking fourth).

Moreover, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, Blair County has the highest concentration of veterans in the state (8.7 percent).

But only 20 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties have full veterans courts, and Blair County is not yet one of them.

Attorney Curt A. Polito understands this and that is why he is committed to working with all leaders toward accomplishing this goal, thereby making sure the people who have risked their lives for this country have not only the best health care but also the best legal care.

Polito will make an excellent district judge because he looks at the facts and then formulates results-oriented plans to accomplish those goals.

He is the most qualified candidate in the field to serve as judge.

John Foy, President

Vietnam Veterans

of America

Greater Blair County Chapter 967