Kelley ‘deeply rooted’ in Altoona

This upcoming May election has a number of candidates, especially for Altoona City Council.

One candidate is head-and-shoulders better than the rest: Bruce Kelley.

During his previous time on City Council, Bruce Kelley took several stances to vote against tax increases. He understands the importance of ensuring government lives within its means while protecting its citizens, unlike the four incumbents running for re-election.

They just recently supported a 10-percent tax increase.

In addition to his track record regarding taxes, Kelley took steps to protect our neighborhoods by introducing a series of ordinances relating to housing. He also protected the importance of labor by supporting the independent trash haulers when it was proposed for the city to go to a single-trash collection system.

Kelley has a deeply rooted history with many civic organizations in our community, and he is a champion of all things Altoona. Vote Bruce Kelley for city council.

Joshua P. Ickes