Kaneshiki emerges from hibernation

It’s that time of year again: We are seeing the return of sunshine and warmer weather, and it is welcome after a few rough weeks of winter.

This is also the time of the year when Lois Kaneshiki comes out of hibernation and sticks her head out of the Blair County Republican headquarters to begin anew her quest for those whom she believes best represents her views and philosophy in an effort to place them on the ballot for the Hollidaysburg Area School Board and further her personal agenda.

Rather than promote a full ballot and healthy democracy, Kaneshiki throws down the gauntlet to those she deems a threat, and she will stop at nothing to eliminate the competition, which is directly contrary to her position as Republican Party chairwoman.

A perfect example of this type of tactic was related in the March 27 edition of the Mirror letters to the editor section.

Nikki Varney was cast off the ballot not only by her innocent mistakes, but more importantly, because she was teacher.

Kaneshiki considers anyone associated with the teaching profession to be the anathema of her twisted Libertarian philosophy.

Indeed, anyone who has followed this malcontent over the course of her less than stellar career in politics is well aware of her Libertarian leanings, but I digress.

Kaneshiki does not attach herself to the belief better teachers and classrooms, with 21st century technology, make better students — in fact, quite the contrary.

In the eyes of Kaneshiki, all children should be home schooled, and no public teacher or program is good enough.

Kaneshiki was an embarrassment before she was elected to the Hollidaysburg board, and she continues to humiliate the teachers and administration of the district.

Truth be told, she is a total disgrace to Blair County in general and explicitly the Republican Party because of her inappropriate language, behavior and social media posts.

One can only hope the residents of the Hollidaysburg School District vote in droves, and this woman is not elected to another term on the school board.

I fear if she is, the school board and the school district will have to continue to “babysit” Kaneshiki and answer to the public for her childish and unprofessional demeanor and behavior.

Ann Hillman



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