Growing war clouds don’t scare Israel

I have watched the Middle East with growing anticipation. Bashar al-Assad’s six-year civil war wasn’t going anywhere.

Iran was still in the infantile stages with its nuclear plans, and Hezbollah and ISIS were just considering a joint effort to control Syria and Iraq.

But how quickly things can change. Russia moved in, not only to Iran but Syria. No one knows what Vladimir Putin promised Assad, but whatever it was bolstered his confidence.

Russia was moving helicopters and troops to the base on the Israeli-Syrian boarder. Iran was sending plane loads of weapons, ammunition and supplies to the base.

And Syria, Iran and Hezbollah sent troops armed to the teeth to the base.

The coalition was under the assumption Israel would not react to the buildup. The coalition was very wrong.

On March 17, Israel sent four jets to strike the base. They were completely successful. Israel warned Russia, Assad and the others it would not tolerate such a buildup.

The Syrians launched several anti-aircraft missiles that chased the IDF jets back into Israeli air space. Israel was forced for the first time to use the new Arrow defense system, which successfully knocked out the missiles.

On March 19, Israel hit the base again. They killed a Syrian commander and destroyed a weapons convoy and several Syrian sites, the report stated.

Israel blames the bold moves by Russia and Iran on former President Barack Obama’s failed nuclear accords. Iran was given intentional legitimacy by Obama without putting any checks and balances in place to investigate the real threat growth to Israel. He just did not care.

This is quite evident in Syria today. War clouds gather over Israel. Israel knows it is headed for war. They just want to impede it as long as possible because of the potential loss of life on both sides, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Israel is aware of the prophesies of the war. Their leaders expect war, and they are about to get it.

William Snyder Jr.



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