Elensky has experience for district magistrate

I am fortunate to have been Derek Elensky’s coworker in the district attorney’s office for more than three years.

Together, we worked on many cases, including two child abuse trials. One of those trials was particularly difficult because the child victim had to testify, and most of the child’s family was not supportive.

I observed Elensky try the case with passion, intelligence and determination. He was able to not only ask tough questions of the defendant but also put the victim child at ease.

Over the course of my work with Elensky, I have come to realize his actions in that particular trial exemplify his true character.

Given his extensive experience as an assistant district attorney, Elensky has the professional expertise necessary to hold the position of magistrate judge.

I believe Elensky is the best candidate to fill the position of magisterial district judge, and I hope you will cast your vote for him.

Ashley Owens



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