Congress speaks out of both sides

How quickly people, including the Mirror editorialists, forget.

In 2013 when Assad used poisoned gas on his own people, in defiance of the Geneva Convention, President Barack Obama asked Congress for authorization for a military strike against the Syrian regime. The response from the Senate was overwhelmingly negative. Any military response Obama might have made was rendered unconstitutional.

Congress literally prohibited any military action, tying Obama’s hands.

When President Donald Trump unilaterally authorized the missile strike against the Assad regime for a similar poisoned gas attack, members of Congress applauded his action, but even his stalwart supporters indicated that he should have first received Congressional authorization.

Notice the dichotomy? Obama asked for authorization, was refused, and was ostracized for doing nothing. Trump took action without authorization and was regarded with approval.

In case you missed the military intelligence report, the airfield involved in the missle attack was fully operational within hours.

Beth Ann Andrews



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