Senator can’t run from his constituents

“Hello. I’d like to speak to Sen. Toomey.”

Thank you, Sen. Pat Toomey, for inviting us to participate in your teletown hall today.

I was able to upload a question prior to your cast and was pleasantly surprised to find that you chose to answer a similar query from another constituent.

Although your telecast allotted time to address a relative variety of inquires, I still request that you schedule an in-person town hall meeting.

You must not run from your constituents, senator.

Please, meet us. Hear us.

And give us the opportunity to listen — both to you and each other. We have an incredible opportunity at the present moment.

The strength and legitimacy of beautiful democracy is, at the present moment, in question.

Sen. Toomey, I am confident in the American people — that we have at least one thing in common, if anything, as of late: We love our country.

I know that my uber-Republican neighbors would help me if I needed it. And they know that their obsessively annoying progressive Hillary Clinton-loving liberal crazy neighbor would do the same.

Please show us that you believe in us too.

Please schedule a physical town hall meeting.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Kristina Guthrie