Reader needs to be more thick-skinned

I am responding to the letter from Linda Hileman about the political cartoons representing Donald Trump.

Over the past eight years, President Barack Obama has been parodied often (and still is at times) — sometimes very unfairly by the Republican leaning Mirror.

So now it is Donald Trump’s turn.

Trump and his merry band of misfits that were elected to “make America great again,” are giving the cartoonists and comedy writers more material than they can handle.

His billionaire cabinet, who purchased their cabinet spots by donating large sums of money to Republican senators, supposedly was chosen to “drain the swamp.”

If anything, all they will accomplish is to send America back to Bush-era unemployment and inflation, erasing all the progress that has been made over the Obama administration.

So if Hileman is as thin-skinned as the president, maybe she shouldn’t look at the editorial page for the next year or so until he gets impeached.

Wayne Ellis