President should learn to control his mouth

In response to a letter written by Guy Landofi concerning the media: Come on.

Trump is an embarrassment.

Other nations are looking at things like this and shaking their heads. Trump’s problem is that he can’t keep his mouth shut.

A prayer breakfast is no place to show how jealous and narcissistic you are. The world doesn’t give a hoot about Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The only reason Trump tried to make a joke out of it was because he is so jealous.

He made a remark earlier that he — Trump — was so much better and wished he could still do the show.

He is the most self-centered person you will ever call president.

His love for Putin should prove my point. Putin,who Trump thinks is “a great leader,” is a man who loves to show his power.

He takes over small countries, bombs hospitals, shoots and poisons those who disagree with him and shoots down an airplane with hundreds of innocent people on board.

This is Trump’s idol?

Trump’s attitude will be his demise. The media just tells it like it is. You Trump lovers just can’t take it. Get used to it.

Trump is just getting started, and a leopard doesn’t change its spots — at least not a narcissistic leopard.

Sara Knolles



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