Israel masters brain stimulation

I read Perry Conrad’s article in the Feb. 20 Mirror and found it to be quite informative about brain stimulation treatments that are not well known to most of us.

I pay attention to these matters because I have a number of friends dealing with the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease.

I was so lucky to see the video of the full surgical procedure of the very first procedure by the Israelis called surgery-without-scalpels-or-scars.

It was so interesting.

The surgery was done with six specialized computers. It was done in Israel in 1999.

The patient was awake and alert and engaged in conversation with the medical staff through the entire procedure with no adverse effects.

The procedure was approved by the FDA in the U.S. in October 2012. But the public still does not see much about it. Go figure.

At that time, the success rate for the invasive deep brain surgery was about 25 percent.

I saw a followup on the Israeli procedure in 2013, and they were still claiming a 100 percent success rate in Israel.

I could not find anything on the success of that procedure in the U.S. except that it was in practice at the Mayo Clinic.

For a link to the Israeli explanation of the procedure, go to israel21c.org/surgery.

Jan Mills Sr.