Gov’t must not ‘forfeit consent of governed’

Nations just don’t happen.

They are put together by groups who are convinced that the people who live within a certain area will be better off as one political entity.

This thing is called a nation.

Nations are fragile. Homogeneous nations seem to have done best through written history. Ours is anything but homogeneous, a grand experiment with many people from diverse racial groups, cultures and religious heritages, all mixed together willy-nilly and bound together politically.

A government that loses, or forfeits, the consent of the governed is doomed — invariably, inevitably, irreversibly.

Long ago when I was very young, I learned that all political points of view are valid for the people who hold them, except for the fanatics on the fringe who are usually incapable of rational thought.

Honorable people can hold very different opinions because they have very different life experiences.

Liberals, conservatives, middle-of-the-roaders, big-government types, libertarians, old, young, middle-aged, highly educated or average or uneducated, skilled or unskilled, stupid, average smarts, or genius, they all see a little bit of how the world works and process it into a world view.

And they are all correct.

What we are seeing is a classic reaction to a loss of political power.

Politics as usual meant that the progressive liberals, who have captured the Democratic party body and soul, are being voted out of office and will probably be out for decades.

The world is changing quickly, which has profound implications for the Democrats’ power base, which rests solidly on the uneducated and unskilled in the center cities who are being increasingly marginalized in the world economy that is going to grow like a mushroom on steroids in the years ahead.

David L. Gallagher