‘Absolutely shocked’ by Trump’s arrogance

As I am writing this, I am watching Donald Trump’s news conference (Feb. 16).

I am absolutely shocked at this man’s arrogance, arbitrary, capricious leadership and lack of tact.

I cannot believe he is the leader of this country.

He tells lies like a machine gun fires bullets. He lies to build up his appearance and to feed his ego.

Given all his faults, my anger is mostly directed to the morons who voted for him.

He displayed these traits throughout the election, but a majority of the voters ignored them. Thus ignorance and hate outvoted knowledge and tolerance. Now he is bullying the media because they are the only watchdog that can keep him in check.

The Republicans are not capable of standing up to him; they’ve all been compromised.

If this man is not kept in check, our nation will face the potential fall of democracy.

Hopefully, balance in Congress can be achieved during the mid-term elections, but in the meantime we have to live with this evil emperor.

The Trump voters are getting what they voted for. Congratulations, and God help us all.

Jack Marquis