Trump probably will be impeached in first year

It is my understanding that the Electoral College was established mainly to guarantee that a qualified person would become president and that the election would not be manipulated by outside sources. It does not necessarily reflect the will of the majority.

To the first point, Donald Trump, as most agree, is not qualified to be president. He is a businessman, a celebrity TV host, with an excess of money and power. He has no experience whatsoever in the political arena.

To the second point, U.S. Intelligence knows for a fact that Russia was behind the hacking into the Democratic Party emails, which played a part in the outcome of the election. FBI Director James Comey came out a few days before the election with yet more speculation about Hillary Clinton, which had no basis in fact. These two events played a large part in Clinton’s loss. How could they not?

To the third point, Hillary Clinton got more than 2 million more popular votes than Trump, reflecting the will of the majority, which the Electoral College chooses to ignore.

Add to that all of the conflicts of interest surrounding Trump. He does business all over the globe. He has ties to many foreign governments. He’s trying to get members of his family involved in the presidency.

If by some giant miscarriage of justice he is inaugurated, it would be my prediction that sometime during his first year in office, he will be impeached. How could he not?

Elizabeth K. Shade



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