Pennsylvania gov’t lets workers down

What did closing two complete offices of the Pa. Unemployment Offices prove?

Why, if the system wasn’t working, did the regular day-to-day employees get the boot?

They are not the ones responsible for the problems. They go to work every day and do their job.

The problem is not theirs to fix. We all know that falls on the higher-ups.

The regular “Joe” is not the problem.

Why was it necessary to close two complete offices? Did those two offices cause the problems, or are they supposed to fix the problems?

If layoffs were the only fix, why didn’t they happen at all of the offices statewide?

Sorry, but this sounds to me like Gov. Tom Wolf has a problem with just these two offices.

It’s political.

Well, thanks to the Pa. government’s inability to fix the unemployment system’s problems, the unemployment checks are now going out

10 days late. A usual check is ready in three days.

Thanks a lot, Gov. Wolf.

Again, the everyday employee who worked for a living has to figure out how to stretch their money to pay their bills.

Shame on the state government. In case you haven’t figured it out, the working people pay your paycheck, health insurance and your retirement, and anything else you can get out of us.

Start treating us with a little respect.

Winona Henry

East Freedom


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