Commissioners have sold us down river

What a shame that Blair County doesn’t have normal people for commissioners.

We must get the bottom of the barrel all the time.

Why don’t they just admit that they know nothing about what they just did as far as reassessment is concerned?

Waiting 58 years to reassess was just plain stupid.

The same thing is going on at the courthouse as far as finding problems that have been neglected for years and now costs a fortune to fix.

We have to realize who put these so-called leaders in office.

When the assessor came to my house, the first thing he said was “Where am I?”

When the assessment was done, part of my land was listed on my neighbor’s assessment. On my 13 acres of mountain land, the tax went from $49 to $1,308.

If the commissioners would buy all the property at real value and sell it for what these clowns say it is worth, their problems would be over, but we all know that won’t happen.

When an election rolls around, keep these things in mind.

We would definitely do just as well or better if we voted for manikins and filled all the seats.

Look what the commissioners did to Valley View. The sale was to be a money cushion, but you know how that went.

If the county would freeze all pensions and raises like Social Security did to seniors, it would save a lot of money.

Lenny Metz



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