Climate change letter misquotes statistics

It was stated in a letter to the editor on Dec. 29 that “Human-caused climate change is no longer a debate. … 98 percent of climate ‘experts’ agree that climate change is anthropogenic, resulting primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.”

This is the most often misquoted statistic that climate change crusaders use in their arsenal.

The 98 percent consensus figure (actually it was 97 percent) is a methodologically flawed statement. It was taken from a study done by John Cook where he studied papers submitted by scientists.

And actually, only 32.6 percent of the papers studied stated a position that endorsed man-made global warming. And it was 97 percent of those that said “recent warming was mostly man-made.” And so what we have is a misleading statement that has become cited as fact.

So 97 percent of the 32.6 percent, which is 31.6 percent of the papers studied supported it. Less than one-third of scientists believe any global warming is man-made. But the climate fanatics dig the 97 percent figure out of the study and throw it out there as proof that almost 100 percent of scientists blame man for climate problems. I guess they feel that if they shout it from the rooftops often enough and cite it as fact, people will be gullible enough to fall for it.

Originally these people claimed global warming was threatening us and the polar ice caps were shrinking.

Then, when statistics didn’t bear that out, they decided it was global cooling that was to do us in. Then, when they couldn’t get any data to support that, they decided to go with “climate change.” And now, I guess they’ve waffled back to warming again.

Is the globe warming? Yes. The earth has warmed by roughly 0.8 degrees Celcius (0.144 degrees Fahrenheit) since the late 1800s.

While carbon dioxide levels have risen slightly in that time frame (but are still currently among the lowest ever recorded on the planet), solar output has increased tremendously (the most in as much as 2,000 years) and is the most likely driver of any warming. However, government can’t tax and regulate solar output, so they blame it on something they can gain money and power from.

Am I saying climate change is a hoax and is a political football? Absolutely!

Jeff McNelis



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