Welfare isn’t meant for life

We on Social Security are going to get in January a 0.03 percent increase or average $4 per month. I just received my light bill, and it went up $3 a month.

A $4 raise minus $3 street light equals $1 balance per month.

It was in the Mirror that heating oil was going up nearly 38 percent in January and February. Comcast cable goes up $2 per month every year. Taxes went up considerably. Added on are car licenses, medical insurance, co-pays, oil changes, furnace and repairs at our house. Most any service wants $50 to $100 just to come to the house. Then it begins per hour.

Rents are so high, you can’t afford anything decent. If you own your own home, the upkeep is impossible.

When Social Security comes up, everybody is going to protect it. When the elections are over and everyone is re-elected, you don’t hear anything until election comes around, and then you hear all of the elected officials say what they are going to do again.

The reason we didn’t get a decent raise, they say, is because inflation is down. Food is down, gas is down, clothing is down. That’s fine if you get hundreds of dollars per month in food stamps and free heating oil. But we are people who make just a few dollars over the limit so we can’t get any help.

I see a lot of people on Supplemental Social Income with hundreds of dollars worth of tattoos and piercings and smoking $8 a pack of cigarettes. One person even told me they went from 15 cases of beer per month to 11 cases. She was proud of this.

Lifelong people on welfare and SSI disability have to be put to work. There are jobs up and down the boulevard in Altoona all the time. They drive right past all the help wanted signs. They will not go to work as long as the government is supplying all their needs.

Now we people 65 and older have kept some of these people with our hard work over many years. And now I think we older Social Security people need to get seriously needed Social Security yearly percentage adjustments.

Jerry Ricketts



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