Toomey must reject EPA appointment

Scott Pruitt once said of the climate change debate that “dissent is not a crime.”

I couldn’t agree more, but because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to his campaigns by the fossil fuel industry, he is blinded by ignorance.

Human-caused climate change is no longer a debate. It was settled years ago by the world’s top scientists. Some 98 percent of climate experts agree that climate change is anthropogenic, resulting primarily from the burning of fossil fuels.

Pruitt has sued the EPA over the Clean Water Act, which protects 48,000 miles of Pennsylvania streams and the drinking water for millions across the state.

He has also sued the EPA over the Clean Power Plan, which is the most significant regulation from any nation to curb climate pollution. Appointing this man to head the EPA, a man who has sued this agency, is absolutely ludicrous.

Since 1970, the EPA has been an international leader in protecting the nation’s waters, woods, and the world we love.

Thankfully, U.S. Senator Bob Casey understands this and has spoken out against this worrisome appointment, but Sen. Pat Toomey has yet to comment.

It is imperative that Toomey stands with all Pennsylvanians who want clean air and water by rejecting this nomination as well.

With Pruitt’s appointment to the head of this agency, the gains over the past 46 years may now be wasted.

We might as well call the EPA the “Environmental Pruitt Agency,” since protections will be all but lost.

Bradley Spayd



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