Rep. on gas tax: It’s hurting taxpayers

With Pennsylvania’s gasoline tax of 51.4 cents per gallon already the highest in the nation — and another 8-cents-per-gallon hike set for Jan. 1 — it’s time to remind you that this is why I voted against the transportation bill that became Act 89 of 2013.

In an attempt to stave off this latest increase, earlier this year I co-sponsored gasoline tax reduction legislation that would have abolished all future tax hikes based on the Act 89 formula.

This is the third time in four years that you’re feeling pain at the pump from the Corbett-era tax hike.

Contrary to what some wanted you to believe, I knew then that the “oil company franchise tax” wouldn’t be absorbed by the industry but would instead be passed on to you at the pump.

We all want better roads and bridges, but taxing you to raise $500 million a year for public transit — more than 90 percent of which goes to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh — wasn’t and isn’t the best way to go.

Those who use cars and trucks to get to and from work also shouldn’t be subsidizing “multi-modal” projects like bike paths to the tune of $144 million per year, which is another legacy of Act 89.

I tried to keep this from happening, but unfortunately I was in the legislative minority on this issue.

State Rep. Frank Burns


72nd Legislative District


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