Property taxes grossly unfair

We have a tax for this and we have a tax for that. It seems like we have a tax for everything.

When the county and especially the school districts need more revenue, they will say they have to raise the millage rate or raise taxes.

Since the property tax generates the lion’s share of revenue for these entities, why are they reluctant to call this tax by name? Could it be that they have abused this tax so much they are afraid to call it by its proper name?

To generate $1,000 in property taxes using the state sales tax at 6 percent would require the purchase of $16,667 worth of sales taxable items. To generate that same $1,000 using the state earned income tax at 3.07 percent would require an earned income of $32,573.

If one uses progressive thousand dollar increments to multiply these figures, it becomes abundantly clear that the property tax is outrageously unfair and criminally lucrative.

It took Blair County since 1958 or 58 years to reach the county millage cap of 30 mills. It looks like the past county commissioners are deserving of some kind of meritorious achievement award for staving off reassessment for so long.

Now that our properties have been reassessed, how long do you think it will take to reach the millage cap again?

Thirty mills is 3 percent and regardless of which third you are in, take .03 times your current assessed value and see if that doesn’t shock you. Then remember that the school districts have no millage cap and their property taxes run about three times what the county property tax is.

You should now be sweating blood.

In Monroe County, property taxes reached $10,000 to $11,000 on homes valued at $150,000. Monroe County is on the eastern side of the state or approximately 165 miles straight-line distance from Blair County.

Monroe County is now in our back yard.

As Christmas passes and the New Year approaches, the county commissioners will be dreaming of a new parking garage and a new jail.

The school districts will be wishing for increased wages, new buildings and more kindergarten teachers.

While the county and school districts plunder and blunder ahead, ravaging ours and our children’s future, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Reassessment.

Fred Albright



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